What to Do While You’re at the Tulalip Casino

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What to Do While You’re at the Tulalip Casino

The Tulalip Casino is one of the most beautiful sights to visit in the state of Washington. The traditional and romantic settings and the calm atmosphere all add to the experience. Here are some things you can do while you’re there.

Visit the Casino in the Morning: Since the Casino and the Hotel are open during the day, visitors can visit in the morning or evening to catch the last of the festivities. Here, the Tulalip Casino is usually not crowded and many more people will be there. This will make it easier for you to get your fill of the casino as the main events are already done.

Visit in the Afternoon Hours: Because the Casino is not busy during the morning and evening hours, many people find themselves visiting during the afternoon hours. This time is perfect to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. Especially if you want to go with a group, having lunch at the Cafe will make it that much easier for everyone to enjoy.

Visit in the Evening Hours: Many people love to stay up late so that they can enjoy the fireworks display. The casino is open for about an hour after the fireworks and most people spend this time taking in the sights and sounds. Although, the restaurant and cafe are closed during these hours, guests can still enjoy the great food and coffee in the cafe. The Tulalip Casino’s buffet is still open for those who would like to have some comfort food.

Visit During Holidays: The Casino can be closed during holidays for a short period of time so it makes it perfect for those who don’t have plans to visit until a certain date. The casino will be open at least for a day or two so visitors can still enjoy their stay. Make sure you book ahead so that you can avoid disappointment when you try to visit during these times.

Weekend Visitors: If you live in the area, you may find yourself visiting during the weekend. When it comes to Tulalip, which is only about thirty minutes away from Seattle, there are less crowds to speak of. Even when the hotel is full, you can still take advantage of the free shuttle bus to get there and back.

Visit for an Event: With the vast array of entertainment that takes place here, many events are held at the Casino. The Casino is also host to many concerts, plays, and other events. If you can, plan ahead and book a room early so that you can avoid any last minute cancellations. Tulalip is a great town to visit if you’re looking for a fun family vacation.

Rent a Room: There are several hotels in town that are within walking distance of the Casino. These hotels offer both basic and deluxe rooms with high end amenities. They are the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the casino without having to worry about being crowded.